December 14th, 2018

Exploring new ideas for solving doctor-patient relationship

(From, Corespondent Liu Cheng Zhou) On December 14, 2018, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics held a seminar on major projects of the National Social Science Fund -“Analysis and Policy Research on Doctor-Patient Relationship in the Background of Big Data”. Dozens of experts and scholars from all over the country participated in this seminar.Professor Jiang Chuanhai, President of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, delivered a speech.Professor Han Jingti, chief expert of the research group, reported on research ideas, which were supplemented by sub-project leaders and the main members of the project group, including project research background, thinking framework and main contents, key and difficult points, research path, task division, phased results and final results, etc.

Professor Jiang Chuanhai (center), President of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, delivers a speech

Chen Zhen, Vice President of the China Electronic Commerce Association, and Liu Sen, Director of the Research Department of the China Policy Science Research Association, as evaluation experts, highly affirmed the topic and put forward important reference opinions, which won the high recognition of participants. Professor Xiao Wunan, Vice President of the China Association of Social Economic & Cultural Exchange and concurrently Executive Vice Chairman of the Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation, participated in the meeting as an evaluation expert and made a speech. First of all, he fully affirmed the immediacy of the subject, especially in the context of the CPC's safeguarding the interests of the masses, as a concrete manifestation of increasing the people's happiness. The core of solving the doctor-patient relationship is mainly two aspects: deepening the reform of medical system to cure the root cause and solving the uneven distribution of medical resources to cure the symptoms. It is an innovative way to explore the solution of doctor-patient relationship from the perspective of big data. Xiao Wunan also suggested that we should also mobilize some social forces as much as possible when we use technological methods to carry out our work.For example, the participation of young volunteers, the investigation of policy research departments, etc. In the process of research, we should strengthen cooperation with relevant management departments in collecting public opinion. In short, as a major national social science project, it should serve the major policy, play a constructive role in building social harmony and stability, promote the progress of productive forces and find a new breakthrough in the combination of industries, government and universities. Xiao Wunan's speech won a warm response from the participants.

Professor Xiao Wunan (center), Vice President of the China Association of Social Economic & Cultural Exchange and concurrently Executive Vice Chairman of the Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation, delivers a speech for project evaluation

The Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation has made important achievements in major research projects. Among them, it has abundant research achievements in the fields of health and pension, such as "China's Ageing Strategy in a Global Perspective", which has been highly recognized by the central leadership. As a proposal of the “two sessions”, it has attracted the attention of relevant departments. At the same time, it has also achieved fruitful results in promoting cooperation between the United States, the European Union, the United Nations Health Organization and China.

Experts and scholars pose for a group photo after the meeting