September 24th, 2017

Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation wins International Cooperation Award

(From, Correspondent: Li Chuanjun) On the morning of September 19th, 2017, Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation was awarded the International Cooperation Award during the second China Brand Forum in recognition of its important contribution to the internationalization of Chinese brands. The Embassies of Mexico, Chile and the Philippines also won this award.

The second China Brand Forum was co-hosted by CCTV, China Southern Air Holding Media Co., Ltd., NetEase Media. It is an open platform and dialogue mechanism jointly established by governments, social and corporate institutions and people from all walks of life. This forum focused on the promotion of Chinese brands and the theme of “Chinese brands make the future intelligent”, analyzed successful cases of Chinese brands’ “intellectual creation”, explored the sustainable development and internationalization of Chinese brands, promoted the synchronous promotion of Chinese manufacturing and Chinese brands, responded to China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative in order to push forward Chinese enterprises’ “Going Global”. The first China Brand Forum was successfully held in 2016 with the theme pay respect to “Craftsman Spirit”. In 2017, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang put forward in the Work Report of the Government that we should cultivate many "Chinese craftsmen" to make more world-renowned "Chinese brands", and promote China's economic development to enter the quality era.

Since its establishment, APECF has made great contributions to the international strategy of Chinese brands and China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative, achieving fruitful results and receiving many international awards and recognitions. For instance, in May 2012, APECF and Mr. Xiao Wunan were presented with the Certificate of Congressional Recognition by the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. In October, 2012, Mr. Xiao Wunan was awarded the “ICCC Citizen of the World” Award at the UN headquarters in New York in July 2013. APECF was honored by Secretary General of the United Nations for hosting the first United Nations Film Festival in May 2015. Mr. Xiao Wunan was awarded by the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee in September 2015. Mr. Xiao Wunan won the World Peace Contribution Award at EXPO Milano in November 2016. APECF was awarded by the largest intergovernmental economic organization in Africa. APECF has been awarded scores of influential awards by international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, ASEAN and the Arab League and some foreign governments. We believe this award will further encourage APECF to contribute more to China's public diplomacy, enhance bilateral and multilateral exchanges and cooperation and promote Chinese enterprises' "going global".

Ms. Shen Yan (second from right), Special Assistant to the Chairman of APECF, accepts the award on behalf of APECF