November 22nd, 2014

APECF Executive Vice Chairman Mr. Xiao Wunan visits RAND Corp and
meets Charles Wolf

An APECF delegation visits RAND Corp. Mr. Xiao Wunan (third from left), Executive Vice Chairman of APECF,

Mr. Charles Wolf (third from right), Honorary Lifelong Director of RAND Corp, pose for a group picture.

November 22 ( - On the afternoon of November 19 (local time in Los Angeles) a delegation from the Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation visited RAND Corp at the invitation of RAND. Mr. Charles Wolf, world famous researcher in Chinese Studies and Honorary Lifelong Director of RAND Corp, met Mr. Xiao Wunan, Executive Vice Chairman of APECF, and the APECF delegation. They had lengthy, deep and candid talks on topics of mutual interests, reached many consensuses and pledged future bilateral cooperation.

At the same time Mr. Charles Wolf praised the contribution and influence APECF has made in many international areas. He looked forward to deepen cooperation in more areas between two countries and two institutions.

RAND is the United States' most important comprehensive strategic research institute. Its main direction of study is military affairs. At first it was world-famous for its research in the area of cutting-edge military science and technology and military strategy. Then it extended its research area to domestic and foreign policy and gradually developed into a comprehensive think tank for research in politics, military, the economy, science, technology, society and other fields, it is dubbed a "Super Military Institute".

RAND Corp and APECF have maintained a close strategic partnership for a long time. They have forged bonds of deep friendship.