November 22nd, 2014

APECF Executive Vice Chairman Xiao Wunan visits NBC headquarters
in Los Angeles, meets senior executives

Mr. Steve Carlston(extreme left) and other senior executives of NBC give Mr. Xiao Wunan (second from left)
a tour of NBC.

An NBC anchor (left) shakes hands with Mr.Xiao Wunan (right), Executive Vice Chairman of APECF.

Mr. Steve Carlston (right) invites Mr. Xiao Wunan, Executive Vice Chairman of APECF, to sit in live broadcast room to experience the work of an NBC anchor.

NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX news conduct a joint interview with Mr. Xiao Wunan, Executive Chairman of APECF. The four TV stations will broadcast the interview during prime time.

November 22 ( – On the morning of November 18 (local time in Los Angeles), an APECF delegation visited NBC headquarter in Los Angeles. APECF Executive Chairman Xiao Wunan was accompanied by President of NBC channel four Steve Carlston and other senior executives during a tour of NBC. They discussed future cooperation.

At NBC headquarters, Mr. Steve Carlston introduced the history and development of NBC to Mr. Xiao Wunan and the APECF delegation, and showed awards won by NBC, its programs and anchor. Later he accompanied Mr. Xiao Wunan on a tour of NBC's operations, production and broadcast facilities.

Mr. Steve Carlston briefed Mr. Xiao about NBC channel four’s operations from interview, post production to recording and broadcast. NBC channel four is influential in southern California. Advanced equipment for production and broadcast, talented professionals, efficient news gathering and editing and workflow impressed Mr. Xiao Wunan and the APECF delegation.

Mr. Steve Carlston particularly spoke about his concerns regarding China and hoped APECF could guide and support the development of NBC in China and program production involving China. Mr. Xiao Wunan accepted his request.

After the tour, Mr. Xiao Wunan gave a joint interview to American mainstream media including NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX NEWS and exchanged ideas on many matters of interest to NBC's audience. The interview will be broadcast by the four networks of TV stations during prime time.