August 24th, 2014

"Shanghai Flower" - Li Lei's Abstract Art Exhibition co-organized by APECF was officially launched


(Source: The “Shanghai Flower” Li Lei’s Abstract Art Exhibition opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai on the night of August 19th. Mr. Hans d’Orville, Assistant Director-General of UNESCO, and Mr. Xiao Wunan, Executive Vice Chairman of APECF, attended the ceremony. It is rare for a leader of UNESCO and an international organization to attend a Chinese artist’s exhibition.

Mr. Hans d'Orville is an old friend of the Chinese people. He has promoted Chinese culture on the international stage in recent years. More importantly he has actively promoted Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit and lecture to UNESCO this year, and he has been to China many times to investigate applications for the World Heritage list and for cultural, art and music exchanges. The Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation is an international organization founded by dignitaries, retired officials, prestigious scholars, social activists and internationally influential entrepreneurs. It is also universally recognized as one of the most influential platforms for public diplomacy. In recent years APECF has played an important role in promoting Chinese culture throughout the world and enjoys high reputation worldwide. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai has become an important window for bilateral cultural exchange between China and the world. Exhibitions of Mr. Gaudi, the godfather of modern architecture, and Mr. Yayoi Kusama, international master in contemporary art, were held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai created a sensation and brought a breath of fresh air to the Shanghai art scene.

From right to left: Mr. Hans d’Orville, Mr. Li Lei, Mr. Xiao Wunan and Mr. Gong Mingguang