January 10th, 2014

APECF Delegation visits France, UK, Belgium,
Italy and other European countries

An APECF delegation, led by Executive Vice Chairman Mr. Xiao Wunan, visited France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and other European countries from December 12 to 20, 2013 at the invitation of multiple organizations. 

On December 13, Mr. Xiao and other delegates visited UNESCO in Paris and met the Chief of the Asia and Pacific unit of World Heritage Center Mr. Jing Feng. They held discussions on how to enhance educational and cultural cooperation between APECF and UNESCO. APECF also reached consensus and signed cooperation agreements with UNESCO subdivisions.

In the same evening, the prestigious Baroness Lynda Davis, former Minister of Culture and diplomats from the China’s Embassy in France organized a warm welcoming reception.

On December 14, the delegation called on a permanent member of the Institut de France, Mr. Jacques Rougerie, reciprocating Mr. Rougerie's visit to the Foundation in Beijing in July 2013 and strengthening exchanges and communication between APECF and the Institut de France.

Later in the evening, the delegation met former finance minister Mr. Edmond Alphandery and exchanged ideas on further cooperation.

On December 15, the delegation arrived in London and held a workshop with APECF Co-Chairman Dr. Ramzi Sanbar and Founding Chairman of IMAN Foundation Ribal Al-Assad.

Later in the day, the delegation flew from London to Brussels to pay a visit to the Chinese Embassy in Brussels and the headquarters of the European Union.

On December 17, the delegation arrived in Cannes, France, and held a meeting with the secretary general of the municipal government Alain Jouanlus. Both sides reached consensus on cultural and economic cooperation projects between China and France. The delegation also visited the venue of the Cannes international film festival.

On December 19, the delegation met the former president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Irene Pivetti and held friendly talks on cooperation between APECF and Italy.


Executive Vice Chairman Mr. Xiao Wunan converses with Chief of Asia and the Pacific Unit of World Heritage Center. Mr. Jing Feng


Mr. Xiao Wunan at the welcoming reception held by French cultural dignitaries


APECF signs relevant agreement with UNESCO’s subdivisions


APECF delegation and secretary general of the Cannes' municipal government Alain Jouanlus


Mr. Xiao Wunanand the former president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Irene Pivetti